Complaints procedure

This procedure is to be applied to student complaints that have arisen from lettings and occupation within the properties owned and controlled by the University and used for Graduate Accommodation, managed by the Graduate Accommodation Office (the Office).

The University treats any complaints about its accommodation, the management of its accommodation or a member of the Graduate Accommodation Office very seriously. We hope to resolve these to your satisfaction as quickly as possible.

The relationship between the University, acting as a Landlord, and their tenants on the estate are governed in the first instance by the tenancy agreement and any legislation applicable to that agreement, resident’s handbook and policies. From time to time, the Office will put forward Regulations that apply to property within the estate. These documents govern the relationship between the two parties.

However, where the tenancy agreement and/or Regulations do not put forward a clear solution to the problem, we ask that you visit or contact the member of staff who delivered the service you are dissatisfied with. The member of staff will work with you to find a satisfactory resolution. We will aim to resolve your issue within five working days.


If you are not satisfied with the resolution or the way in which your issue has been dealt with we ask that you make a complaint by visiting or contacting the Graduate Accommodation Office, on or +44(0)1865 280923.

We will not usually consider complaints that are raised more than three months after the substantive events/circumstances complained about took place/commenced.  A member of our senior staff will investigate your complaint and respond to you directly, detailing any remedial action. We aim to respond fully to all complaints within 10 working days.


If you are not satisfied following the informal stage you can submit a complaint to the Proctors via the Proctors’ Office. Full information about the University’s Student Complaints Procedures and the form to use to submit a complaint are available on the Proctors’ Office website. Proctors’ Office staff are also available for informal advice.