Qualifying criteria

Any postgraduate student pursuing (or intending to pursue) a full-time course of one academic year or more at the University of Oxford will be eligible for a graduate tenancy from the Graduate Accommodation Office.

The availability of graduate accommodation cannot be guaranteed.

Please note that where the applicant is not already enrolled as a student, the Graduate Accommodation Office may request further evidence to show that the individual is genuinely intending to pursue a course of study at Oxford University.

Except where exceptional circumstances apply, the Graduate Accommodation Office will not  usually grant a tenancy to a former or current tenant where one or more of the following apply:

  • they have breached any tenancy agreement with the University or college;
  • they are in rent arrears or owe other outstanding debts to the University or college;
  • there is a poor payment history under a current or previous tenancy agreement;
  • they have not set up a standing order for payment of rent despite being required to do so under a current or previous tenancy agreement; or
  • they have caused a nuisance or disturbance to other students, tenants or occupiers. 

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